Quantica and ImageXpert Announce Partnership at LOPEC Printed Electronics Conference: Advancing High Viscosity Inkjet Printing Technology and New Material Development

Berlin, [February 19, 2024] — Quantica and ImageXpert have announced a strategic partnership to integrate their advanced technologies, focusing on high viscosity inkjet printing and material development. This collaboration leverages Quantica's groundbreaking NovoJet printhead technology, capable of printing high viscosity fluids and large particle sizes, opening new material possibilities for 2D and 3D manufacturing. This breakthrough will help transform traditional analog manufacturing processes into digital, bringing about significant advancements in material development and printing capabilities.

The integration of Quantica's JetPack and ImageXpert's JetXpert systems is the first step in this transformation. The JetPack serves as a specialized tool for validating and optimizing the use of novel materials with the NovoJet printheads, guided by live analysis of drop shape, volume, and velocity with the JetXpert Dropwatcher. This integration provides researchers and material developers with the ability to test, characterize, and validate new materials for jetting, thus enabling the exploration of new possibilities in inkjet applications. 

The integrated system is shipping to first customers in the second quarter of 2024, and to showcase the collaboration, the two companies will co-exhibit at LOPEC, a prominent industry event for flexible, organic, and printed electronics in Munich from March 5-7.

Quantica is actively exploring various applications in the electronics industry, spanning conductive tracks, insulation layers, solder resists, solder pastes, heat sinks, component connectors, encapsulations, wafer coatings, and more. This underscores the broad spectrum of applications that stand to benefit from Quantica's unique inkjet printhead.

Ramon Borrell, Quantica CTO, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are pleased to announce our partnership with ImageXpert to drive the advancement of inkjet technology while also enabling the development of novel materials. This collaboration marks another step forward in the adoption of our NovoJet technology.”

Paul Best, ImageXpert CEO, echoes the sentiment, stating, "We believe that this partnership will unlock and redefine what is possible with inkjet technology. The integration of our analysis systems with Quantica's innovative printheads will give users in novel applications the tools and confidence to explore inkjet technology for the first time." This partnership signifies a collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of inkjet technology and material development, propelling the several industries towards new heights.

Key Highlights of the Partnership: 

  • NovoJet Printhead Technology: Quantica's NovoJet technology breaks barriers by facilitating the printing of high viscosity fluids and fluids with large particle sizes, expanding the range of materials that can be used with inkjet technology.
  • JetPack Integration: The JetPack, integrated with ImageXpert's JetXpert dropwatcher, serves as a vital tool for validating and optimizing the use of new materials with NovoJet printheads.
  • Commercial Partnership: Quantica and ImageXpert join forces in a commercial partnership, making NovoJet technology accessible to the wider inkjet community.
  • Market Launch: The integrated system, comprising NovoJet technology and the JetPack, is set to hit the market in May 2024, providing researchers across academe and industry inkjet professionals with a groundbreaking advanced solution for material jetting.

The partnership launch underscores Quantica's ongoing growth and commitment to innovation, as demonstrated by a string of milestones achieved in the past months: The company introduced an AI-based build management and slicing software named MultiSlice (in cooperation with Czech start-up Additive Appearance), unveiled its NovoJet OPEN system at Formnext 2023, forged a strategic printhead partnership with industry leader Xaar and (earlier in 2023) successfully secured a EUR 14 million series A funding round

About Quantica |

Quantica is an advanced additive manufacturing technology company headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with additional offices and teams in Barcelona (Spain) and Cambridge (UK). At the core of Quantica's innovation is the NovoJet printhead, enabling the printing of a wider range of high-performance, high-viscosity, engineering-grade materials. Collaborating with industry leaders such as Xaar, Fraunhofer, and Rehau, Quantica focuses on applications in dental, healthcare, electronics, and research & development. As an IP-driven deep technology company with 7 patent families filed and many others in the process. The first NovoJet-equipped systems for R&D customers are scheduled to start shipping in 2024. 

About ImageXpert | https://www.imagexpert.com

ImageXpert is based near Boston, MA, USA and has been providing robust machine-vision based measurement systems since 1989. ImageXpert helps make your industrial inkjet vision a reality with modular, user-friendly analysis tools that accelerate the development of inks, printers, and printheads. 

ImageXpert is the creator of the JetXpert Dropwatcher, the industry standard for in-flight drop analysis. The JetXpert Print Station is an all-in-one dropwatching, sample printing, and print quality analysis system that brings your inkjet idea all the way from initial concept to pre-production. ImageXpert tools are used in over 700 inkjet R&D labs and production floors worldwide.

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Julie Kuhrt
Marketing at Quantica
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