NovoJet™ OPEN

An inkjet-based benchtop printer with the unique capability to combine high viscosity materials.

Unlock New Possibilities in Additive Manufacturing

This isn't merely a printer; it's a gateway to the uncharted territories of material exploration. With the NovoJet™ OPEN, researchers can unleash their creativity by experimenting with their own material combinations, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in 3D printing.


An open printer for application R&D

The NovoJet™ OPEN is a multi-material benchtop printer for application research and development. It enables research institutes and industrial labs to utilize ultra-high viscosity jetting technology. This system can combine up to 7 different materials in a single process, allowing for the exploration of diverse material combinations. Researchers also have the freedom and flexibility to adjust jetting and printing parameters for optimal results.


Multi-material printing with high viscosity materials

  • Open system that gives users access to process parameters
  • Up to seven active NovoJet printhead configurations
  • Ability to jet wider range of fluids
  • High precision mechanical design with self calibration including nozzle calibration and nozzle substitution strategies
  • Clear user interface
Multi-material gradient print sample combining a soft, flexible material with a hard, rigid material

Printer Specifications

Print Volume

210 mm (Y) x 210 mm (X) x 100 mm (Z)

Machine Dimensions1060 mm (W), 700 mm (H), 660 mm (D)
Repeatability0.02 mm

Maximum Power Consumption

2.4 kW

100 – 120/200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Operating ConditionsTemperature 18 – 25 °C (64 – 77 °F); relative humidity 30 – 70% (non-condensing)

Print Module

User-fillable print cartridges, integrated reservoir and heater. Material circulation and piezo driven inkjet printhead

Material Compatibility

Oligomeric materials, solvent-based inks, water-based inks, and more

UV Curing Module Wavelength

365 nm and 395 nm


Proprietary build management software and printer control software

Printhead Specifications

Nozzle Count


Rows of Nozzles


Nozzle Diameter

50 µm

Nozzle Pitch

1.27 mm

Fluid Viscosity Range (Jetting temp)

1 mPa•s – 250 mPa•s * ** ***

Jetting Temperature

15 – 80 °C


8 kHz

Flow Type

Back of nozzle high flow recirculation

Surface Tension

30-750 mN/m

Nozzle Plate


* actual jettability depends on other physical attributes of the fluids such as non-Newtonian behavior, stability of viscosity over time, elasticity, particle concentration, particle size distribution, particle agglomeration
** as measured in viscometer at jetting temperature (80 C max). The ink system may require significant time to stabilize temperature and flow in some circumstances
*** specification subject to change

Printhead Partnership
The NovoJet™ OPEN is powered by our NovoJet™ Printheads, manufactured in Xaar's state-of-the-art facilities. 

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