Introducing an Open Benchtop System for Multi-Material 3D Application Development

Pushing the boundaries of multi-material and high-performance material jetting with the NovoJet™ OPEN. A printer suitable for research, feasibility studies, and small scale production of custom applications. It will be made available to research institutes and industry partners, looking to develop high-performance, multi-material 3D printing and other additive manufacturing applications.

Material Experimentation: The system gives users access to printheads that are capable of handling a diverse spectrum of high-viscosity fluids, exceeding 250mPa•s at jetting temperature. Additionally, it supports experimentation with liquids featuring high particle loading, up to 5 microns in size, allowing customers to comprehensively characterize new third-party materials for seamless integration into their own printing systems.

New Material Combinations: The system has the ability to control up to 7 material cartridges giving users access to new material combinations with better mechanical properties, color fidelity, and aesthetics.

System Customization: The system empowers users to fine-tune print settings to meet their specific development requirements, offering open access to materials and machine parameter configurations.

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