The software behind transforming 3D models into functional multi-material objects.

Advanced Build Management & Slicing Software

MultiSlice embraces disruptive concepts that break away from the traditions of 2D printing, ushering in a new era for the 3D printing industry. Using simulations, it overcomes challenges like the combinatorial problem arising from increased number of printheads and materials. Powered by cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence and differentiable computation, MultiSlice integrates colors, functionality and shape into the final printed part.

Supporting STL and OBJ file formats. 3mf and more coming soon.


Fast, lightweight file slicing

  • Great for any kind of print job
  • Cross platform
  • Automatic support generation

Clean, intuitive user interface

  • All important functions in one view
  • Automatic part arrangement
  • Print job upload directly to the printer

Parameter customization

  • Material mixture ratio
  • Configurable material palettes
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