NovoJet™ JetPack

A research tool for material jetting trials and optimization.


Validate Material Compatibility

The JetPack empowers researchers to optimize and validate new materials for NovoJet™ printheads. Designed for integration with an ImageXpert Dropwatcher, it's the key to unlocking the full potential of your printing projects.

Featuring a new material delivery system, a high voltage power supply, an integrated electronic control system, intuitive fluid analysis and management, new vacuum management, an external trigger input connector, and options for both Pulse and Voltage Control, JetPack opens new possibilities in jetting.


JetPack Specifications

Maximum Frequency8000 Hz
Output Voltage-100 V — 100 V

Minimum Volume of Fluid

80 ml

Particle Diameter

up to 5um D90
Max Viscosity at Room Temperature 20C)


Max Viscosity at Jetting Temperature250mPa.s* ** ***

* actual jettability depends on other physical attributes of the fluids such as non-Newtonian behavior, stability of viscosity over time, elasticity, particle concentration, particle size distribution, particle agglomeration
** as measured in viscometer at jetting temperature (80 C max). The ink system may require significant time to stabilize temperature and flow in some circumstances
*** specification subject to change

Technical Deep Dive

Learn more about JetPack and how it works.

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The JetPack is specifically designed to work with the ImageXpert Dropwatcher, allowing for the characterization of droplets and jetting validation. This integration makes testing and validating new materials for NovoJet™ printheads possible.

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