NovoJet™ Printhead

Empowering users to print with a wide range of materials

Our innovation begins with the printhead

At the heart of our transformative additive manufacturing technology lies the groundbreaking NovoJet™ printhead. This innovative piece of engineering serves as the linchpin that propels us into uncharted territories in materials. With NovoJet™, we're not merely printing; we're pioneering a new era in printing technology.

Printhead Partnership

We have forged a powerful alliance with Xaar to transform ultra-high viscosity material jetting. Through our strategic partnership, Quantica's groundbreaking NovoJet™ technology combined with Xaar's extensive printhead manufacturing and commercialization expertise. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of 2D and 3D applications, unlocking the potential for advanced manufacturing across diverse sectors.

Viscosity Chart

Viscosity is no longer a limitation with jetting

High viscosity enables flexibility in creating functional components which means better products and more efficient manufacturing processes. Unlike most legacy inkjet printheads that print around 20mPa•s, NovoJet™ is capable of handling a wider range of fluids around 250mPa•s at jetting temperature, equating to approximately 4000mPa•s at ambient temperature.


NovoJet™ Printhead

NovoJet™ empowers users to explore a vast array of materials, from ultra-high viscosity fluids to high particle loads. Unleashing new possibilities, it opens doors to jet a diverse range of fluids, resins, and inks. Embrace limitless creativity and transform your printing capabilities.

Nozzle Count


Rows of Nozzles


Nozzle Diameter

50 µm

Nozzle Pitch

1.27 mm

Fluid Viscosity Range (Jetting temp)

1 mPa•s – 250 mPa•s * ** ***

Jetting Temperature

Temperature 15 – 80 °C


8 kHz

Flow Type

Back of nozzle high flow recirculation

Surface Tension

30-750 mN/m

Nozzle Plate


* actual jettability depends on other physical attributes of the fluids such as non-Newtonian behavior, stability of viscosity over time, elasticity, particle concentration, particle size distribution, particle agglomeration
** as measured in viscometer at jetting temperature (80 C max). The ink system may require significant time to stabilize temperature and flow in some circumstances
*** specification subject to change

Technical Deep Dive

Learn more about our core technology and how it works.

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